Westfield Gift Card Balance Check Online (Westfield.com) 2019

Westfield Gift Card Balance: Gifts are one of the best ways to congratulate or thank a person on occasions such as a birthday or on getting a promotion, etc. However, deciding what to gift is one of the most important factors! You have to think about the right thing to gift, it’s cost, etc. To avoid all the confusion, you can simply use a gift card as a gift! The person can use this gift card to purchase whatever he/she wishes from the stores which accept payment through gift cards!

One such gift card which is widely accepted across Australia is the Westfield Gift Card.

Features of Amex Westfield Gift Card include:

1. This gift card is accepted in more than retail stores across Australia. Thus, you can easily find a store which accepts payment through Westfield Gift Card.

2. If your gift card gets stolen, you can get a new one after you produce its original receipt and card reference number. Also, damaged cards can be replaced easily! The remaining amount will be transferred to your new card.

3. You can issue a Westfield Gift Card 2019 at any retail store which accepts this gift card or you can register for this gift card online. You can use this link to do so!

Westfield Gift Card Balance Check Online (Westfield.com) 2019
Westfield Amex Gift Card 2019

4. The amount which this gift card can hold is between $10 and $995. If you are ordering online, you need to pay the amount online. But, if you visit a retail store or a Concierge Desk, you can pay online or by cash.

5. There are different types of gift cards available for you to choose from! The options available are Westfield Birthday Gift Card, Westfield Thank You, Gift Card, American Express Westfield Gift Card.

6. One can also place a corporate order for rewarding the staff or the customers of a corporate company!

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Cons of Westfield American Express Gift Card include:

1. These Westfield American Express or AMEX gift cards balance have an expiry date! They expire after 3 years from the date of issue. You can find the date of issue printed on the back top right corner of your card.

Westfield American Express Gift Card include
Westfield American Express Gift Card Buy

2. The refund system is not available for this gift card. Thus, once you load this gift card with a certain amount, you cannot get it back to your bank account.

3. Also, you cannot reload this gift card once your available balance is depleted. You will have to get a new card if you wish to keep using it!

4. You cannot know your balance in the retail stores as they are not authorized to access this information. Thus, you will have to visit the official website or contact the customer care to know your gift card balance and other details.

5. The services provided by this gift card is not available for free. $2.95 Service Fee per card is applicable.

6. You cannot use this gift card for online shopping! This feature is not yet active on this card.

These were some of the features and the cons of Westfield Gift Card. You can check them out and decide if you wish to get it for your loved one!

Check Balance of Westfield Gift Card Online

There are two different methods using which you can check your gift card balance. Both these methods have been discussed below in detail.

Check Balance Westfield Amex Gift Card: Official Website.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device and go to this CHECK BALANCE.

Westfield Gift Card Balance Check Online (Westfield.com) 2019

Step 2- Enter your gift card number and your reference number on the data field.

Step 3- Now, click on ‘Check Balance‘ option and the balance in your Westfield Gift Card will appear on your screen. You can also check your transaction history.

Westfield Gift Card Online Balance: Customer Care.

If you are unable to access the official website of Westfield, you can contact its customer care and ask them for the balance on your gift card. You can call the customer care at 1300790292 this number.

You will be asked your card number and it’s reference number. So, keep your gift card or this information handy while contacting the customer care.

How to Activate your Westfield AmEx Gift Card?

How to Activate your Westfield AmEx Gift Card?
How to Activate your Westfield AmEx Gift Card?

Any Westfield Gift Cards issued at a Concierge Desk or a retail store in Australia is automatically activated at the time of issue and is usually ready for use as soon as you receive it.

However, during prime time, Gift Cards may take up to 48 hours to activate from the time of issue.

If you have issued a Westfield Gift Card from the retail stores, allow 48 hours for activation of that gift card.

How to locate retail stores which accept Westfield Gift Card payment?

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device and go to this link.

Step 2- You will notice a pdf had downloaded on your device. This device has the information of all the retail stores which accept Westfield Gift Card payment.

westfield gift card australia
westfield gift card australia 2019

Conclusion: Westfield Gift Card Balance 2019

This is all you need to know about Westfield Gift Card Balance Check 2019 before you get it for your loved one or your employees. It has its own set of features and cons. Some people find the features to be more useful while some find the cons to be quite serious.

We find this Westfield gift card for Australian citizens to be quite useful in Australia. Though, it does not provide with all the features provided by other gift cards used around the world! But, the final decision is yours to make!

If we have missed out on any such useful information about Westfield Gift Card, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.


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