Best Credit Cards for United Kingdom (UK) Peoples – Top list of 2019

Best Credit Cards for United Kingdom (UK) Peoples - Top list of 2019
Best Credit Cards for United Kingdom (UK) Peoples - Top list of 2019

BEST CREDIT CARDS IN UK: Credit cards are life savers Right? We cannot afford money all the time but credit cards make all of our needs possible. Nowadays credit cards are essential for everyone’s day to day life. It helps to buy everything we need and want. Even it helps many people to pay their rents and EMI. Now tell me do you have a credit card or not?  If Yes, what card you are using and what are all the major drawbacks of using that card. Let us know in the comments section.

Credit card becomes essential in people’s lives because it makes their life simpler. Also, people get some limit of interest-free loans as well. Many credit cards are providing many offers and cashback to all of its users on the purchase of particular devices.

As credit card provides these much options, there will be also the same amount of competition among the credit card companies. There are many big companies and banks are ready to provide their credit cards and make you their customers. But we need to be very careful and conscious while choosing a credit card for ourselves. We need to look over their terms and conditions, Interest rate offers available in the market and their customer support too.

We know selecting a correct credit card may be hectic and confusing for many people. So we are here to help you out. In this article, we are going to list some of the best credit cards available in the UK. If you have any confusion in choosing a correct credit card, all you need to do is just read this article completely and you will get a clear image on which credit card to select.

Before look at the list, what are all the things you keep in mind while selecting a credit card? Let us know in the comments section. We take extra credits, rewards, balance fees and interest rate in an account in this article.

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Best Credit Cards for UK Peoples (2019)


Are you are looking for some great cashback offers for credit cards? If your answer is Yes, American express platinum cashback is a great deal for you. They offer you a 5% cashback for 3 months. That’s great Right? 🙂

There are many perks for you while using this credit card like No annual fee,  Also they provide you lifetime 1% cashback which depends on how much you spent using this credit card. Do note that you won’t be getting any kind of cash back while spending overseas. If you travel a lot of overseas countries, you can have a separate card for all your expenditures outside the country. Getting this new credit card is easy and requires less amount of document too.  It is good for people who spend a lot of money.


Post office platinum card has a lot of stuff to offer. Basically, it offers you a whopping 28 Months of 0% APR [Annual Percentage Rate]. But this card has minimum offers like cash back, rewards and things like that. This card has many 0% for you to offer. Using this card, you can do a balance transfer at 0% rate. It is one of the premium features which is available on the basis on the user’s monthly statements in many banks. If you are a new user you can enjoy all these benefits without any issues.

They have also their trademark feature which is no overseas usage charges. Yes! 0% foreign fee. That’s a lot of 0’s. Isn’t it? Who will be benefited by the no overseas charges? Yeah! People who travel a lot. If you travel a lot? Then why are you waiting for? Grab your post office platinum card. 🙂


As the name suggests Santander Everyday Credit card is meant for everyday use. This card offers you 27 months of no interest for a mybalancenow transfer. They also offer you many cash back, rewards and many other offers which make you happy and save some money. It doesn’t need any intro balance transfer which is completely free.  It has some similarities with the above-mentioned card as well.

They are 0% APR [ Annual Percentage rate ] on all purchases. But this 0% is applicable only for 3 months. It is worth note that Santander everyday credit card has no annual fee. It is definitely saving for you, Right? Also, there is no hidden fee for transferring funds.  Many banks offer this only for 3 months or some limited time. But here you will get almost 27 months which helps you a lot. Is this card interesting? Let us know in the comments section.


It is a great option for frequent users.  If you buy this card you have a lot of rewards and credits. Firstly, users will get 2 M&S points for every amount you spent via this credit card. It has many benefits like every other card in this list. You can easily transfer your existing credit card balance to this card at 0% transfer rate.

You can also enjoy interest-free expenditure on your M&S card for first three months. There is no annual fee and any hidden charges too. As a welcome bonus, you are getting 2000 M&S points is you use their card in the first 90 days. Even it doesn’t offer any fancy things, If you are a casual user, this card won’t regret you.

FINAL WORDS: Credit Cards for UK Peoples

Which card do you find is quite interesting? Or which card impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments section. If you find this Best credit cards in the UK (United Kingdom) 2019 article helpful, share this article with all your friends and help them to find the best credit card available in the market. Also, if you didn’t agree with our list and we missed out any of your favorite credit cards? Let us know If we find anything new we will try that card and update this article.

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