Best Car Insurance Company in North California 2019

best insurance company in entire North California

Car Insurance Company in North California: We frequently hear about accidents which happen in our neighborhood or in our state! With millions of people taking the roads at the same time, accidents are inevitable! These accidents range from minor damages to fatal crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that there were nearly 6,296,000 police-reported crashes in the USA, in the year 2015, which is approximately 17,250 accidents per day in the United States in the year 2015.

Thus, if you own a car, it is extremely important for you to have car insurance! In the United States, the average rate of car insurance is $1,009 per year. But, the average insurance rate of car insurance in North California is $987 annually.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is purchased to provide financial protection to the car or human life against any type of physical damage due to traffic collisions and against liability that could also come up from incidents in a vehicle.

So if you ever get in an accident or damage your car or get injured by any means, you will be financially assisted by your insurance company!

What to remember while selecting car insurance?

1. You need to be very careful while selecting car insurance because you will totally rely on your insurance company for any financial assistance in case of an accident.

2. Do read all the terms and conditions before signing an agreement with your insurance company. If you do not understand any statement or if you face any doubt, get it cleared before hand.

3. Keep a check on the insurance period. Renew your car insurance as soon as it expires.

Thus, here we are with the list of some of the best car insurance companies and their quotes in North California.

Note: The cost of car insurance is relatively lower in North California. However, this means that the coverage provided by the company is also less as compared to the insurance companies in other states. This means that you might have to pay from your own pocket if the damage exceeds the coverage from your insurance company.

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Best Car Insurance Companies in North California 2019

1. AAA:

Best Car Insurance Companies in North California

AAA is one of California’s largest insurers due to their inter-insurance exchange known as the Auto Exchange Club Group. This company is technically a federation of regional motor clubs across the United States. As per the customers and the official reports, AAA is one of the best insurance company in entire North California.

Also, AAA being a reciprocal inter-insurance exchange, rather than a single corporation, it’s customers are eligible for dividends out of the company’s surplus. In 2017, policyholders received an average of $182 for insuring with AAA. Apart from the dividends, AAA also provides with some attractive discounts on its insurance policies which helps its customers on saving a couple of bucks. AAA not only provides with car loans but also with multi-policies like Auto and Home.

2. Allstate:

Best Car Insurance Companies in North California
Allstate | insurancearcade

This insurance company has a mixed customer review! Some people are comfortable with the quotes provided to them while some find the quotes to be expensive than the quotes offered by other insurance companies in North California. Also, the website of Allstate seems to be less user-friendly due to the difficulty in navigating and finding useful information listed on the website!

One useful feature provided only by Allstate insurance company is the ‘gap’ coverage designed to cover the effects of devaluation if your car is totaled in the first year of purchase. Thus, most of the people with a new car resort to this insurance company! However, it is not necessary that this insurance company is beneficial only for new car owners. Even those who have an old car can use Allstate’s insurance quotes to cover their expenditure in case of an accident.

3. State Farm:

Best Car Insurance Companies in North California
State Farm

The customers of this insurance company seem to be satisfied with the quotes provided to them! As per the statistics, 14% of the total car insurance in North California is registered under this insurance company. However, this does not mean that all the customers of State Farm are satisfied with its services. There are several customer complaints against this insurance company.

State Farm provides with a number of insurance quotes suitable to drivers from almost every age group. It provides a different type of insurance quote for them age drivers and a different quote for good drivers. Thus, it is safe to say that State Farm has done a wonderful job in coming up with its car insurance quotes. However, the pricing of this company’s insurance quotes is an average of the prices in entire North California.

4. Farmers:

Best Car Insurance Companies in North California
Best Car Insurance Companies in North California

To get a car insurance quote, all you need to do is visit Farmer’s official website and under the ‘Auto’ section, enter your zip code. Farmers in California’s second largest car insurer with 11% of the total car insurance policies. Even though this company is not minting money, it is capable enough to pay the promised amount when claimed! This fact can be assured by the fact that this company has the least number of customer complaints against it.

However, on comparing the quotes provided by Farmers to its customers, we found out that these quotes are the most expensive when compared to the quotes of other insurance companies. Farmers are not limited to providing with car insurance. It also provides with business insurance, home insurance, etc.


These were some of the best car insurance companies in North California 2019 which we could shortlist. You can get an instant quote from all of these companies and decide which one to purchase for your car.

If we have missed out on any such car insurance company in North California, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.


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